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    Koh-I-Noor Diamond history

    Koh-I-Noor Diamond history:


    The world's biggest and Most expensive diamonds.

    This most expensive diamonds was discovered from Bija Pur (Golkonda Mine) . Golkondah is a famous place in Dhakkan. But no body knew about the real owner of this diamond although this came from Bija pur in 1273 A.D and then transfer to Golkonda city .Bija Pur where this diamond was discovered is very famous and historical city. Many ancient historical places exist here. The most famous place is Sultan Mehmood Adil Shah's Round Tomb which is one of the biggest wonders of the world. Chand Bibi gave tough time to Mughal Army and she was the president of Golkonda state.
    It is said that Alla-ud-din Khilji found the Koh-I-Noor diamond when he coquetted Owaznagal . His commander Malik Kafoor warn him about the fortune of Koh-i-noor. He said that it brings fortunate to every man who owns it   .  Koh-I-Noor diamonds remains a long period with Sultan and Sultan face a lot of troubles after owing this diamonds . When Sultan's brother's son Aagat Khan   deadly Attack on Sultan, his brother Umer Khan and Governor of Dehli Haji Maula made a big fraud with Sultan. In twenty years of Sultan dyansty  Allauddin became out of senses and Malik Kafoor give the authority of president to Umer who is younger son of Sultan and snach the Koh-I-Noor from Sultan.

     At that time the diamond has no name it was infact in the raw shape and was not in the use of any body. After than this diamond was reached Lodhi and Tughlaq too and when Ibrahim Lodhi defeated by Babar, his mother gave this diamond to Hummayon who lived in Aagra. When Hummayon become sick doctor gave to him an advice to give this diamond as a Sadqa . At that time this diamond was 793 5/8 Grain, which is actually 250 in Grams and was in raw shape as it was came out during mining. No body gave a suitable notice about giving a shape to that diamond. In 1628  Shah Jahan ordered to give some suitable shapes to all the diamonds which he had.

    So, he cut Koh-I-Noor into three pieces and gave all three piece a different name. He gave different names to three new diamonds which were Koh-e-noor, Koh-e-toor and the third and final pieces of diamond's name is not in any book of history . Shah Jahan also made two peacock of Gold around the Taht-e-Taous. In the eyes of these peacocks he putted two most expensive Moti but in the chest he used Koh-I-Noor and Koh-e-toor. In 1665 French Goldsmith Trewbiz saw these diamonds, at that time the weight of Koh-I-Noor was 280 Grain and Koh-e-Toor weight was 194 Grain . In 1839 Nadir Shah attacked to Hindustan and he picked Takht-e-Taous with him. After the death of Nadir Shah , his Army chief Ahmed Shah Abdali went to Kabul ( Afghanistan) with these diamonds . A long period these diamonds were kept in his family occupation.

     When cold war started in most parts of the Afghanistan and Shah Shujah went to Punjab in 1809 , he also kept these diamonds with himself. Ranjeet Singh have greed in his heart about these diamond. He mostly asked for these diamonds to Shah Shujah but Shah Shujah didnot agreed to give these diamonds to Ranjeet Singh. Ranjeet singh was very clever he knew the diamonds were in the turban of shah, he asked Shah Shujah to exchange his Turban as a brotherhood. Shah Shujah gave his turban to him.In 1850 The Britain’s dismissed Daleep Singh and kept the control of Punjab and snatch all his property. When they snatch his property they also own Koh-I-Noor and Koh-e-toor diamonds too and the Governor General Lord Dalhoxi send these diamonds two Queen Victoria as a gift. In 1851 these diamonds were present to public in an Exhibition.

    They make some work on diamonds also and their weight were also decreased to 180 1/16 Grain  . Then goldsmith also gave some shape to lace up  Koh-I-Noor diamond in the Queen Victoria's crown. Its weight also decreased to 108 1/16  Grain . Its brother diamond Koh-e-toor lost and founded in strange way. When this reached England its level was spotted.  Russia also have this type of diamond about a thousand years ago. It is impossible that a diamond is spot in raw condition. It can be only in spot condition after some process. So, goldsmiths matched these two diamonds but some part of a corner was empty. They thought that the third diamond is missing so they start searching of it. Finally after checking all the world’s treasures they found that piece in the treasure of Irani Sultanate .

     After investigation they came to know that this diamond was also came to Dehli with Nadir shah. They recognized that this is actually the third part of the other two and their weight is totally equal to one diamond . They known it was only one diamond and these three are its parts. Koh-I-Noor was most famous between all diamonds and today it is most famous diamond in the world. Koh-I-Noor and Koh-e-toor were founded in Dehli at the same time .  When Nadir Shah hanged Dehli , he took Koh-I-Noor with Takht-e-taous to Iran. In the anarchy of Nadir Shah one of the French soldier who was the part of mughal army, occupied Koh-I-Noor and ran away to Madraas. He Sold Koh-I-Noor diamond to a ship captain in thirty thousands rupees only . The Captain resell it to a Jew in one lac and eighty thousands only .

     When this news came to Khawaja Rafeel Isfahani who was a businessman, he buy Koh-I-Noor from England and then resell in Amsterdam in very  valuable price . In January 1778 Ameer Aurdlaaf buy Koh-I-Noor for Queen Katherine. Queen was angry with Aurdlaaf and he want to make her happy . Ameer Aurdlaaf give the price of Koh-I-noor (Thirteen hundred and fifty thousand rupees and five thousand per month for life as a pension) to Khawaja Rafeel.   Queen became very happy to have Koh-I-Noor and rename it to Almaas Aurdlaaf and give place to Ameer Aurdlaaf in the palace.
     When Revolution started in Russia , all the Royal Gems with Koh-I-Noor was lost and no body have clue about it . When Goldsmiths saw the spot level of Koh I noor they thought this level only can be after cutting .They also knew that the other part of this diamond is also exsit in any part of the world. Searching of the other part of the Koh-I-Noor started and finally they found it in Iran and thus the diamond was completed..   _  

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